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Duke Networks is an installer of bespoke IT networks for homes and small offices in Peterborough and the surrounding areas.

Using the latest CAT5e, CAT6 and CAT7 ethernet cable, we build build discreet hardwired computer networks, capable of handling data transfer rates of up to 10 Gbps.
If you have built your own home office only to realise your Wi-Fi just doesn’t cut it, get in contact. We can help!

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How fast is your network?

If you have had fibre broadband installed in your home only to realise your Wi-Fi just isn’t powerful enough to give you speeds your ISP is promising, then get in touch.

We can connect your laptop, desktop computers, games consoles, CCTV and televisions to its own hardwired network of switches and outlets meaning absolutely no loss of speed due to Wi-Fi issues.

How much faster is Ethernet?
Ethernet cable can theoretically handle up to 10Gbps using the latest CAT7 cable, however, the benefit of hardwiring critical equipment is not solely in transfer speeds. A hardwired network has significant latency benefits over wifi.

What is latency?
Network latency, sometimes called lag, is the term used to describe delays in communication over a network. Latency meaning in networking is best thought of as the amount of time it takes for a packet of data to be captured, transmitted, processed through multiple devices, then received at its destination and decoded.

How can we help you?​


Are you tired of unreliable Wi-Fi connections or sluggish internet speeds? Look no further. 

Wi-Fi Upgrades /

Are you struggling with slow Wi-Fi speeds, dropped connections, or dead zones in your home or office?

Router Configuration /

Is your network running slow, experiencing frequent outages, or struggling to keep up with your growing demands?

What Our Customers Say About Us​

Arrange free survey

An initial survey is required to ensure the work locations can be accessed safely, discuss any cabling routes and to answer any questions you may have. The survey is free and by requesting one, you are under no obligation to proceed with an install.

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